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Rainy Days and Mondays...

Always get me down.

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"I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy. I love you more with every breath...Truly, Madly, Deeply."

- Savage Garden

Hello! and Welcome! I'm Marlena!
But I'm more known through my aliases such as:
Yuri-chan, Reika or horoeijiren!

I am...
Incredibly carefree, a bit high-strung about a few things, a very opinionated person who still takes note of others opinions, the type who's not easily swayed due to stubborness, sometimes cocky, a little bit narcissistic, a person who says a lot of bad words, a closet pervert with others, the type who can be patient or easily pissed of with certain things, a procrastinator but is very dedicated with something I love, a tomboy...but not a lesbian! Those are different things XP Although I still have a hint of girlyness left which is triggered by Kamakari Kenta, My Aunt, My Wedding Fantasies and Emotions (mostly concerning love. .__.)


I Love...
My family, anime, friends, CRACK, graphic making, RANDOMNESS, cookies, BLACK & BLUE, music, SHISHIDO RYOU, Hetalia, drawing, LAUGHING, the beach, using the internet, KAMAKARI KENTA, Tenimyu, RALPH, sleeping late, ABUSING CAPS LOCK, daydreaming, playing games, SOCCER, food, GLOMP ATTACKING, new buddies, observing, typing, DOGS, walking around, CHILDREN, reading manga, ROGER, the dark, chatting and A LOT MORE!

I Hate...
excessive usage of shortcuts, StIcKy CaPs, people who are too WAP, haters, posers, notorious people, MILEY CYRUS, Twilight (sorry guys, but this book is just WHACK for me.), PEOPLE WHO DONT RESPECT OPINIONS, copy cats, Paris Hilton, gossip, people who dont spell things properly on purpose (I lyk dizzz... <-- WHAT THE HELL?) and definitely a lot more.

But dont worry! I wont bitch on you even if you like/do the things I dislike! I'll respect your interests as long as you respect mine. :D unless you keep on pushing something I hate on me and I've had enough. I'm still friendly~ I'll try not to bite! :3
So feel free to add me! :D :D :D :3 XD 8D ^_____^

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